Forsyth Harvest Classic Dog Show

September 14, 2019 @ 8:00 am – September 15, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Education Building

Full schedule:

Who: Forsyth Kennel Club

When: September 14th & 15th at 8am – show times TBA

Admission: Free to the public

Parking: $5 at Gate 7

Where: Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Education Building

What: The Forsyth Kennel Club will host the Harvest Classic All-Breed Dog Show on Saturday and Sunday, September 14 and 15, at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Education Building from 8AM to 6PM each day. It’s a free event and a great way for families to meet breeders and learn about dogs that might be right for their families. Parking is $5 each day. No unregistered dogs are allowed at the show.

This year 881 dogs in 149 different Breeds or Varieties that will compete for Best in Show – 100 more dogs than in 2018. This year, the youngest dogs will be only 4 months old. The show is an opportunity to see many of the newest breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club, including the Pumi, American Hairless Terrier, Lagotto Romagnolo, Berger Picard, Miniature American Shepherd, and Boerboel. The event is part of the AKC National Owner-Handled series and also features Junior Showmanship.

The deadline for exhibitors to enter dogs for our shows is 8/23

Under AKC rules, no un-entered dogs are allowed to be on the show grounds or in the show building, which means the public should not bring their dogs to the shows. This helps to ensure that there is no spread of the dog flu, parvo or other transmissible diseases from one area to the surrounding areas. It is also a safety issue, since AKC has strict rules about dog bites and dog fights that occur during a dog show/on show grounds (it’s rare but it can happen) but those rules do not apply to un-entered dog(s) and to the public that may bring un-entered dogs onto the show grounds. Every dog show exhibitor has to sign a waiver on their entry form stating that they understand the rules of the show and should an ‘incident’ occur, the exhibitor is held responsible. Then an investigation is held to determine if the exhibitor was/d in control of their dog or not, is the dog considered dangerous, who is to be fined for allowing the ‘incident’ to occur, things of that nature.

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