Winston-Salem Forsyth County High School Graduations

June 10, 2016 all-day
Winston-Salem Fairgrounds
Wake Forest University
414 Deacon Boulevard, Winston-Salem, NC 27105
WS Fairgrounds

2016 Winston-Salem Forsyth County High School Graduation Schedule

Graduation Schedule
• Friday June 10, 2016
o 6:00pm Atkins Doors
o 7:00 pm Atkins parking in Midway lot Gate 5
• Saturday June 11, 2016
o 9:30am Walkertown Doors
o 10:30am Walkertown parking in Diet Pepsi Lot.
o 12:30pm Carver Doors
o 1:30pm Carver parking in Midway Lot Gate 5.
o 3:30pm Parkland Doors
o 4:30pm Parkland parking in Diet Pepsi Lot.

• Parking
o Please rehearse the same way you will do it on graduation day
o Student and Parents will park in their designated lots Go over this in rehearsals.
• Carver and Atkins will enter Gate 5 and use the Midway.
• Walkertown and Parkland will use Diet Pepsi lot and overflow to Midway lot.
• All faculty from all four schools will enter Gate 4 and park in the gated lot.
• There is as limited number of spaces behind the Annex. So only VIP’s and people dropping off equipment and supplies should use this lot.
• Midway Parking Lot Gate 5 will be overflow for all schools

2016 Graduation Schedule
School Date Time Location
Early College Thursday, May 12 12:00 pm LJVM Coliseum
Mt. Tabor Friday, June 10 6:00 pm LJVM Coliseum
West Forsyth Friday, June 10 8:30 pm LJVM Coliseum
Atkins Friday, June 10 7:00 pm WS Fairgrounds Annex
Reynolds Saturday, June 11 9:00 am LJVM Coliseum
Reagan Saturday, June 11 12:00 pm LJVM Coliseum
East Forsyth Saturday, June 11 3:00 pm LJVM Coliseum
Walkertown Saturday, June 11 10:30 am WS Fairgrounds Annex
Carver Saturday, June 11 1:30 pm WS Fairgrounds Annex
Parkland Saturday, June 11 4:30 pm WS Fairgrounds Annex
North (Rain Date) Sunday, June 12 9:00 am WS Fairgrounds Annex
Glenn (Rain Date) Sunday, June 12 12:00 pm WS Fairgrounds Annex