The Carolina Classic Fair is an annual event held in the Winston-Salem area since 1882 (back when that area was known simply as Salem). Held every autumn, the fair features a wide variety of festivities that include food, live performances, and vendors of all kinds. It’s the second largest fair in North Carolina and generally runs from October 3-14.

Try unique fried food combinations, such as fried Reese’s Cups, or treat that sweet tooth another way with the famous Krispy Kreme Burger! Other must-see festivities include:

  • Yesterday Village – A fun blast from the past stroll through a log cabin section of the Fair Grounds built in the 1800s with live blacksmithing, rug making, and glass blowing.
  • Demolition Derby – A popular attraction to any fair, cars compete by smashing into each other until only one car is intact. It makes for a fun show and an interesting change of pace from other offerings.
  • Evening fireworks display – Starting at 9:45pm each night of the fair, the fireworks display is a breathtaking way to conclude a day of fun.
  • Rides and carnival attractions – Love Ferris Wheels and Tilt-O-Whirls? Enjoy carnival rides and games as you tour the grounds, great for the whole family!

There’s much more at the Carolina Classic Fair. If you haven’t been, come out and see us this fall to see for yourself what makes the event so special!