Ice Skating FAQ’s


Are masks required?

Yes, masks are required at all times on and off the ice for the health and safety of our guests & staff.


Do I need to sign/fill out anything before ice skating?

Yes, Ice Skating Waivers must be filled out for each participant prior to arriving to the ice rink. You don’t have to bring them with you – they are stored in our system digitally. You only have to fill out one waiver for the ice season (i.e if you fill a waiver for the 2020-2021 season, you do not have fill it out again until the 2021-2022 season).

Click here to fill out your ice skating wavier for this season.

What if I want to stay for multiple sessions in the same day?

Each session is separate. If you want to stay for a second session you must leave and pay again for re-entry.

For example, if you skate during our 3:00pm-4:30pm session and wish to skate again at our 5:30pm-7:00pm session, you must leave an pay for re-entry as they are considered two seperate sessions.

How many people can ice skate at one time?

Each session is 90 skaters max due to capacity limitations during the Covid-19 pandemic

Can someone come with me who isn’t skating?

Cost is $1 per person with a limit of 1 Spectator per skater.

Do you have skating aids for kids & adults?

Yes! Push helpers are available for rental at the price of $5 each.

How should I dress?

Warmly, it is REAL ice! And wear socks

Are concessions available?

Concessions will be open now through end of January during holiday and weekend sessions.


Can I pre-register for an ice skating session?

Unfortunately there is no pre-registration at this time.


How can I save money if I come ice skating often?

Frequency Skater punch cards are available for purchase 15 skates for $75. You can purchase them online HERE