Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Ice Skating Lessons

Our Ice Skating Instructors:

Jane Hottinger (336-749-0955)

Jane Hottinger has been teaching skating for over 30 years. She is a Canadian Figure Skating Association Double Gold Medalist in Figures and Freestyle. Jane trained under former Olympians and has 16 Championship titles. She was Canadian Pair Silver Medalist and Canadian representative to the North American Skating Team. She specializes in Freestyle and Moves in the Field and enjoys working with skaters of all ages and abilities.

Jamie Widener (336-575-1159)

Jamie Widener is a current adult competitive figure skater and coach. She began her coaching journey as a Learn to Skate instructor 3 years ago. She’s also a Ballroom Dancer and has background in Partnered Ice Dance for the past 6 years. She performes in Showcases for both Skating and Dance.
She enjoys working with skaters of all levels and ages.

• Competes at the Adult Silver Level
• USFS Gold Medalist in Adult Moves in the Field
• Silver Freeskate, Pre-Silver Partnered Pattern  Dance and Partnered Bronze Free Dance passed

Disciplines/Services Available :
Freestyle, Ice Dance, Moves in the Field, music editing, hockey